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The Mission

The Family's mission is to #SaveAmericanBlackStandards in a way that improves the quality of life for all Family Members. Our 12 Standards will create an American Culture the whole Family can stand by.


To meet this mission, the Family Foundation will trade AJFF - (the Estate's version of Bitcoin). 

The Purpose










The purpose of the Antonio James Family Foundation is to preserve and promote American Black values and empower future talented generations of Family members who believes in our standards.



How our Royal Family Works








In order to save our culture, the Family will be able to vote on which policies the 12 Standards will preserve.

The Foundation is charged with providing a way of life, wellness, and dynamics for Family members:

  • effective,

  • optimal,

  • entertaining,

  • fraternal,

  • profitable,

  • transparent, and

  • a reality.


The AJFF CBA will serve as the Code of Conduct and Bylaws for our Family Foundation. The AJFF Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is a unified set of standards that all Family Members vote on and approve every 12 years. Voting results are verified and recorded via Blockchain technology and governed by the Family Foundation.


 As the Family grows, the CBA is designed to evolve with the the Family. Holders of Family Coins (AJFF) will have multiple opportunities to give input on the CBA, including the Standards, Products, and the Family affairs, both online and offline.

Collectively, as a Family, AJFF holders will help promote and increase the value of AJFF and our new age, cloud, royal American Family; a truly village driven cloud society that benefits all Family members and  (AJFF) holders around the world.   

The Family Vision








The Foundation's vision is to promote a royal American part of society that lives by our 12 Standards, including to #VOTEFAMILY #PreserveDemocracy, #EndRacism, #SaveFamilies, #FamilyReparations.


As the Family Foundation solves one of the 12 elephants in the room: racism, AJFF will begin to bring a diverse world together for Family get-togethers, innovation, fun, and economic equity.


As racism becomes part of historical fact, our Family Foundation  will begin spearheading innovation and defining "Best Practices". 

How to Win


AJFF will begin to stabilize as we release and promote Family Products that counsels, defends, and operate by our Standards.


Each Family Product advocates pro-American Black legislation for Capitalism, Culture, Innovation, Greatness, Democracy, and Family. 








Anyone who wants to join our Family Foundation can do so by signing up on MeChat Universe, or by investing in $AJFF.


AJFF is used as the official commodity to further collaborate with other Family Coin holders and Family assets. 


MeChat Universe is a financial literacy game that teaches players how to build iconic business from ground up using financial literacy courses and side quests. 

Family members can use AJFF and MeChat Universe to achieve RPG-style game objectives such as earning experience Points (HP) and other in-game elements.

Through AJFFMeChat Universe, and other Family Products each Family member gets access to world-class, collective bargaining power and business tools to help Family members improve their own lives and lives of their families, the Foundation, and their local communities.

Together AJFF holders and register Family members on MeChat Universe will form a solid foundation and family-driven development process that rewards early Family cryptocurrency holders and players who invest in the Family's success.  

All holders of AJFF should expect their Family Coin value to increase and fluctuate as the Foundation releases and promotes new innovative products and services to the global market


Signup on MeChat.us, or buy and hold Family Coin. 



Token Name: Antonio James Family Foundation

Token Symbol: AJFF

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000




The Foundation delivers Modern Finance for the Family.

Invest in Family Inspired Products.

Do Business with other Family Members.


New Age Customers Innovators, Businesses, Missions and Projects.


Family-owned Products to be released over the next 3 years.


New Family Members



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New Frontier

The Family Roadmap


Initialize AJFF Tokens

AJFF will pair with Binance (BNB) BEP20 using MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and PancakeSwap. 


Hold the Line 

The Foundation uses AJFF to support, maintain, release, and promote Family Projects such as MeChat.us and our charity initiatives.

As we release new products and promote
AJFF the value of your AJFF will begin to increase and fluctuate with the Market.


Enjoy Family Life

The Foundation will create and launch multiple projects such as red carpet events, world-class experiences, access to MeChat.us and other Family platforms.

As we release new products and promote
AJFF the value of your AJFF will begin to increase and fluctuate with the Market.

FEB 28, 2025 - ATLANTA


Official Launch Party of
Antonio James Family Foundation